Participated in the London Tech Week in June 2022

NOOGI has been developing since last year an AI-based app service to help correct people’s posture, and participated in London Tech Week from June 13th to 17th, 2022 with the support 

of the British Embassy, D-Camp, and DIT 

(Ministry of International Trade).

At the Health-tech Summit held on the first day, the impact and future potential of AI on the medical market were discussed. Furthermore, we learned about the difference in AI perspectives by country and the importance of the bio industry, which is developing slowly compared to other industries.

The Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) is a program that supports only foreign companies with potential for success with Innovative Visa as well as helping them establish a global corporation. Since last year, NOOGI has been preparing to establish a global corporation in the UK. It was an opportunity to discuss preparations for the European market by meeting with people I couldn’t meet face-to-face due to COVID-19.

We could see various development services at the AI Summit, which was the highlight of this London Tech Week. We could experience services that analyze and provide medical data that are difficult to analyze through the services provided by research institutes such as IBM and Intel, and Cambridge University in the UK. Although there are limitations in the domestic medical industry, it was possible to predict future changes in the UK medical market, which is developed with a more liberal policy. NOOGI is also developing an app that helps you maintain a healthy life with an upright posture, so it was a very challenging time where we could learn a lot.

APAC (Digital Trade Network Reception) It was the largest network reception where all the companies that participated in the London Tech Week, the mayor of London, DIT, and GEP all gathered in one place. It was held at The NED, the center of Bank Station, to celebrate the safe and successful Tech Week, and share each other's business.

Since 84% of British people experience cervical spine disease, the local DIT, who is aware of these social problems, showed a lot of interest in the healthcare app to be launched next year with Tritzoi. 

Therefore, in the second half of the year, we are going to the UK again to create an opportunity to show our products to the locals.


NOOGI will release new products in the 2022 collection. 

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