Platform launch 

in 2022 GETTT 

& Bucketplace

GETTT is an abbreviation for “Get The Taste”, 

a premium living platform from Samsung 

Cheil Worldwide.

We received an offer to enter GETTT in the Home Table Decoration Fair in 2021. It was even more meaningful because the CEO of GETTT gave us this offer after trying Tritzoi. 

GETTT is a platform created to experience premium brands through long-term rentals. 

NOOGI decided to enter the platform for customers who are hesitant to purchase 

Tritzoi so that they can try it and pay it in an easier way.

→ To Rent Tritzoi

Buketplace is a platform that was created 

in 2014 and sells various furniture and interior items.

 Currently, they also provide a remodeling

construction brokerage service. 

In the peak season, the average monthly

transaction amount reached 

KRW 180 billion, ranking first in the 

domestic e-commerce sector.

We entered Bucketplace since it opened a premium living hall following the trend of the premium furniture market. In Bucketplace, we can communicate honestly with our customers, so we plan to share various information about the correct posture, receive feedback, and prepare correctional experiences. We are planning to officially open 

in June and carry out a store promotion, so your interest will be highly appreciated.

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NOOGI will release new products in the 2022 collection. 

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